Material handling systems

Material Handling System

Material handling system

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    Material handling system, also referred to as Bulk material handling, is centered on designing and manufacturing equipments specifically used for conveying materials such as:

    • Ores
    • Coal
    • Bagasse
    • Dry or Wet Ash
    • Crushed Aggregate
    • Loose Cereals /Seeds
    • Handling of Mixed Waste,etc.

    Vivian manufactures, material handling systems, which typically consists of:

    • Belt Conveyors: Designed and Manufactured up to 1Km in lengths, Belt widths from 400 mm to 1200 mm supplied for Bagasse handling, mining industries, coal /ash handling & aggregate industries.
    • Stackers: Design & manufactures of Mobile Bag stackers for sugar industries, fertilizers plants, agro industries, and large warehouses. Rail mounted stockpile stackers used in stacking ores, cereals on both sides of conveyor.
    • Bucket Elevators: useful for elevating a variety of bulk materials from light to heavy and from fine to large lumps. Both Chain Bucket elevator and Belt Bucket elevator are available.

    Material Handling Systems Details

    • Material handling System may be a term that we may have heard passant without fully understanding it. We may have an unclear idea of what it entails, but many don’t believe it much beyond that. However, material handling systems are very important to the way our society functions.
    • That might sound impressive, but it is true. Everything you see on a store shelf has gone through a material handling system, which is even true for the materials that structure the ledge

         What is Material Handling System?

    • Material Handling system refers to activities, equipment, and procedures connected with the moving, storing, protecting, and controlling of materials during a system. As a process, material handling includes a good range of manual, semi-automated, and automatic equipment and systems that support logistics and make the availability chain work.

         How does the material handling system work?

    • Since material handling systems cover many various services within the availability chain, various mechanisms and services won’t complete each exclusive task, like manufacturing, storage, distribution, and fulfillment. With the continuing progress in technology comes the evolution of the tools and equipment that won’t complete these tasks, which increases regulation benefiting both the buyer and therefore the supplier.
    • The following are specific areas of a material handling system that will help the buyer receive their product presently and make the supplier’s process more efficient while reducing their overall costs.

    Procedure of Material Handling System


    • The ability to discover products is an important aspect of material handling systems. Orders are filled much quicker when the accurate location of things within a warehouse is understood, allowing real-time updates for consumers to expect their products’ arrival. Information saves time, and time is money. Efficient action believes enough information, and therefore the systems will still fill out more efficiently as data becomes more willingly available.  

         Automation work Using Material Handling System

    • The main advantage of warehouse automation is order. It helps you smooth-running your human resources by placing them to figure out more important tasks. Menial and uninteresting tasks fail to form use of the complete potential of your employees.
    • Warehouse Automation can include everything from simple transport conveyors to high-speed categorize. To understand what level of automation best suits your requirements, you must first fully understand the challenges you may have regarding your operation. A few of the questions you ought to ask yourself are “do I even have a work shortage thanks to resource availability in the area, have I outgrown my current manual processes, or has my eCommerce business taken off requiring me to handle my directory more frequently to simply get an order filled?” All of those challenges are frequently managed by some sort of material handling systems automation.

         Working Equipment in Material Handling System

    • Human power can carry out an excellent deal of labor, but technology’s assistance makes it significantly more efficient. This includes raising equipment, bringing equipment, storage equipment, and adjustable equipment to extend safety.

         Sustainable Solutions 

    • A focus on sustainability has made an appearance within a previous couple of years thanks to many various factors’ public perception, environmental impact, and legislation. Aside from that, enduring practices within material handling systems can save companies money. Methods like load combination and route planning optimize the distribution try, which reduces the effect on the environment and saves on resources employed by the corporate.

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