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        Weighing Conveyor System

  • The weighing Conveyor is most of the times part of the main conveying line? Bags traversing on the conveyor are gradually kept on it. This is done when the previous traversing bag is displaced from its position making way for the next bag. To gauge correct weighing we recommend that only one bag is there at a time while weighing. Gravity roller conveyors are helpful for keeping the bags gradually on the conveyor.

      Weighing Conveyor  Works

  • There are four load cells supporting the weighing system. When weight is settled then these load cells sense it and the signals from these load cells are processed to the main unit. There is a display showing the bag number, its weight, and total weight cumulatively. A trolley supports these load cells and it should be kept in a horizontal position to help gauge the correct weight.

          Process Of use

  •  It is suitable to check the weights of cartons, tins, jars, boxes, and all types of packed articles. System designed according to customers’ specific requirements and incorporated with standard weights. Functions incorporated for total output, the total quantity of output or packed articles, underweight or overweight articles during the batch, during the working day. Capable to store data for a week to a maximum of two weeks. It comes with a side drive belt for better functionality of the machine. It encompasses advanced digital signal processing. 

Conveyor weighing machines


  • The Machines are won’t measure the flow of large materials transported on a belt. This flow rate is received as a product of Belt Load & Belt Speed and integrated overtime to take the Total material delivered over the system.
  • It operates while the conveyor is in motion and is intended for the weighing of individual cartons, boxes, cans, or unpackaged products such as large cuts of meat. Our conveyor weighing system integrates into any industrial process that needs to weigh items as they pass through which is suited to check weighing, straight weighing, and weight accumulation operations.
  • This industrial-scale system is formed from the Weigh Leg frame, which includes the load sensors, a weight indicator, a photograph eye kit necessary for in-motion weighing, and conveyor sections. When installed, the conveyor scale adds correct and good weighing to new or existing production lines.

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