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Mobile Conveyor

Use of Mobile Conveyor

Whenever there is a lack of loading dock facility at such times mobile conveyor system comes in handy. It is very popular in warehouses and all types of industries where this conveyor is seen for conveying material at various distances & directions by reducing manual intervention. However,  it usually replaces forklifts and other types of material handling systems like trolleys.

Some of our esteemed clients

IDLC Warehousing – Ghana
Global Shipping – Oman
Karma Foods – Bhutan
New Jersey Ind Suppliers – UAE
Ghana Cocoa Board – Gov. Of Ghana
Numaligarh Refinery Ltd., India
Cocoa Board Ghana. (Through IDLC) W. Africa

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    Mobile Conveyor

    Whenever there is a lack of loading dock facility at such times mobile conveyor system comes in handy.

    However, the mobile conveyor is extremely useful and hence a popular type of conveyor amongst all types of conveyors. Such a conveyor can be used anywhere & is reliable.

    It is very popular in warehouses and all types of industries where it is seen for conveying material at various distances & directions by reducing manual intervention. However, it usually replaces forklifts and other types of material handling systems like trolleys. In addition, our clients can have a mobile conveyor belt manufactured for them as per sites demand.

    Mobile conveyors made at our facility are hydraulic cylinder-based and can have the height adjusted. Above all, we construct the Mobile Conveyor using bolts so we can install it easily at any site. Similarly, we also do custom manufacturing as per our client’s needs. The Conveyor has solid tires for easy movement.

    Vivian makes Mobile Conveyors offer the following features:

    • Equipped with Hydraulic cylinder and power pack for variable height adjustments up to 3 meters (10 feet) for Belt Conveyors and up to 6 meters (20 feet) for Stackers.
    • Mounted on Solid tire and castor wheel for easy and fast maneuverability.
    • Manufactured in standard lengths or as per customer requirement.
    • We can use it with a “unique” online weighing unit to weigh bags/boxes online. ( see Online Weighing Conveyor )
    • Completely bolted construction for easy installation at site.

    Portable Mobile Conveyor

    mobile conveyor

    • The strength of this conveyor is in its Structure which is square tube.
    • Direct coupled gearbox and motor means No couplings, no chains, no sprocket.
    • Solid tyre are provided in place of rubber tyres for life long durability.
    • Telescopic legs provided both the side To maintain horizontal level.
    • Light in weight and easily movable. No maintenance at all.

    Mobile Belt Stacker

    •  This is the modern conveyor for stacking all kind of packaged material.
    • Hydraulic cylinders plays vital role to lift the conveyor and for height adjustment.
    • Total structure is mounted on chassis for proper balance.
    • Instead of flat belt, chevron belt is provided for proper griping.
    • Square tube structure give it strength and more durability. Having no chains, no sprocket and no couplings means it saves time while lifting.

    Mobile Heavy duty Slat Stacker  (Object weight up to 300 Kg)

    Mobile Hevy duty Slat Stacker ( Object weight up to 300 Kg)
    • This is one of our major successes in making a Mobile slat stacker.
    •  Especially this conveyor is made for loading boxes of huge weight.
    •  The speed can be variable as per our application need.
    •  Very effective for loading and unloading trucks.
    •  Slat conveyors are very well known to the market, but in sugar, factories most.
    • It can convey a load from 100 kg to 300 kg.
    •  We can use a slat conveyor for bag loading and unloading.
    Mobile Hevy duty Slat Stacker ( Object weight up to 300 Kg)1

    What is Mobile Conveyors?

    Mobile conveyors are a low-cost and adjustable manner to move substances at your production site. However, they are typically found in mass manufacturing, recycling and pulling down, and mining. Portability is an ought to. Likewise, you have whole freedom to transport around. In addition, we specialize in making a production of a high-quality range of Mobile Conveyors.

    Above all, our company’s strength is in providing Portable Mobile Conveyor to our customers. Firstly one of the most widely used types of material handling equipment is made by ours. Secondly, we offer wide selection ranges for this Conveyor belt. Likewise, these are lightweight industrial conveyors that are adaptable and dependable. However, these are endless belt conveyors constructed of PU, rubber, plastic, modular, or PVC depending on the material to be handled.

    On the other hand, the idler rollers or a slider bed belt support the mobile conveyor as it travels between two or more pulleys. However, these conveyors are widely seen in flour mills, warehouses, sugar industries, FMCG, distilleries, chemical industries, food grain storages, and other applications.

    In short, where large quantities of bags or boxes must be conveyed for loading/unloading into trucks, containers, or warehouse stacking/de-stacking. Mobile belt conveyors can transport items at a variable pace or at a constant speed.

    Working Mechanics of Mobile Conveyor

    Conveyor structures commonly comprise a belt this stretches over or has an extra pulley. However, the belt bureaucracy a closed ring across the pulleys, permitting the pulleys to rotate inside the loop continuously. Most importantly, a force pulley is a kind of pulley that attracts the belt and pushes the products from one spot to another. Likewise, a rotor is added in lots of conveyor device designs to offer strength to the belt and riding pulley. Through the friction that exists among each surface, the belt completely connects to the rotor. Therefore, the loafer and riding pulleys must rotate in the same orientations for the belt to work efficiently, because of this that they must each rotate clockwise or anticlockwise. However, some conveyor structures, including transferring walkways and grocery keep conveyor structures, are straight, and the quantities have to become for maintenance.

    Dimensions, Height, and Weight.

    One or extra layers of fabric make up the belt. Moreover, a pinnacle cowl, a carcass, and a backside cowl are the 3 layers that maximum belts feature. Firstly, the carcass is answerable for presenting linear energy and form. Secondly, the carcass is mostly a warp and weft woven or steel cloth. In conclusion, the warp refers back to the longitudinal cords whose resistance and adaptability decide the belt’s jogging characteristics.

    However, the weft refers back to the whole series of transversal cables that offer the belt with particular resistance to cuts, tears, and influences whilst preserving excessive flexibility. Steel, polyester, nylon, cotton, and aramid are the maximum typical carcass materials (magnificence of heat-resistant and sturdy artificial fibers, with Twaron or Kevlar as logo names). However, the covers are generally a product of a whole lot of rubber or plastic compounds. In addition, when an excessive energy magnificence is required, metal conveyor belts are employed.

    Benefits and Uses


    Conveyors, as formerly stated, are a big development over the use of human labor to execute the project of feeding.
    In the same vein, there are some extra benefits of using a conveyor system. Conveyors with inclinations permit objects of all sizes to be comfortably sent from one elevation to another.
    Moreover, this allows you to keep a variety of Conveyors offer the endless possibilities to load and dump items again and again over an extended length of time. Likewise, materials that we transfer among several ranges or flooring may require massive factories.
    Conveyors may be built to bring substances throughout a couple of ranges with little to no top
    Likewise, automated incline belt conveyors can routinely dump products, lowering the want for a guide. Additionally, this means that there’s no time wasted looking for cloth unloads.


    The use of conveyors in practically every business requires the movement of products, such as bottling plants, recycling centers, and plastic manufacturing plants.
    In short, these Conveyors are found in any industry that has a cyclical process that requires the transportation of objects and materials at regular intervals.
    However, conveyor systems have the primary benefit of automating a large number of human operations involved with material manufacture and transportation.
    For example, Feeding, moving, loading, and unloading goods.
    Moreover, If your firm or factory needs any of these things, an industrial conveyor is something you should absolutely consider.


    Mining, automotive, agricultural, computer, electrical, food processing, aerospace, pharmaceutical, chemical, bottling and canning, print finishing, and packaging are just a few of the industries that use conveyor systems. However, food items such as beans and nuts, bottles and cans, automotive components, scrap metal, medications and powders, wood and furniture, and grain, and animal feed are just a few of the goods that can be transported. But, when it comes to picking the right conveyor system, there are a lot of things to consider. further, It’s critical to understand how the conveyor system will be used ahead of time. The  conveyor requires operations, that includes transport, accumulation, and sorting, the fabric sizes, weights, and shapes, and in which the loading and pickup places need to be are all elements to consider

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